Curt Gran was well known in the long-distance motorcycle community.  He was respected as a skilled rider, but above all, as a kind, intelligent friend who was always found helping others.   Being the self-confessed gadget geek he was, he had an ever expanding collection of electronic accessories for his bike.  He found himself struggling with different wiring solutions, as did many of his fellow riders.  He frequently helped others wire their bikes, and saw the confusion that often existed with wiring.  Even people who understood positive and negative had no idea how to wire a relay to get switched power. With all of this in mind, he decided to make a fuse block that was easy to install and gave the user constant and switched power options by including the relay in the board.  Although this seemed like an easy concept, coming up with the design was not straightforward.  It needed to be user friendly, but also durable and compact.  He wanted it to be an affordable product, made here in the United States. Given his determination, he would not settle for anything less than this vision. In 2008, he launched the FZ-1 which became a popular and easy solution for riders ranging from wiring novices to wiring experts.

It did not take long for Fuzeblocks to establish a large global customer base, fueled mainly by word of mouth.  Fuzeblocks products are widely known for their quality, reliability, and simplicity of use.  Tragically, we lost Curt years ago when he was just beginning to realize the growth in the popularity of his FZ-1.  Since then, we have continued operating the business following the same high standards that Curt established, providing prompt and knowledgeable customer service.  We have expanded our sales to include many nation-wide dealers, as well as international dealers including the UK, Canada, and Australia.  

Curt Gran
Curt’s 2004 ST1300 dash with all the farkles.
Curt Gran, Fuzeblocks Founder and Designer

Although our fuse blocks have been used in many low voltage applications (ATVs, automobiles, utility vehicles, boats, aircrafts, etc.), the primary design focus is around the demands of the motorcyclist. No manufacturer today provides an all-in-one solution for the motorcyclist that is as flexible, easy to install, compact and full-featured as the FZ-1.  It provides unique features including a built-in relay and the ability to select constant or switched power on each of the 6 individually fused circuits.