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Desert Road
  • Built-In 30A Relay

  • Thick Circuit Board

  • Compact Size

  • No Crimping

  • Ground Bus

  • 6 Fused Circuits

  • Constant or Switched Power Selection

  • Power Protection

  • Spare Fuze Holders

  • Mini (ATM) Fuzes that can be found at most auto stores

  • Weather Resistant

  • Markable Label

  • 95-5VA ABS Cover

  • Multiple Mounting Options


Fuzeblocks FZ-1 power distribution block with cover and without cover

The FZ-1 offers the freedom to connect, manage, and protect your accessories with ease. Switch devices on or off automatically with your vehicle or provide constant power - it's your choice. Its unique design features an internal relay and provides flexibility for 6 individually fused circuits that can be easily configured simply by moving the fuse to a different position on the board.  The FZ-1 is not only compact, but also very easy to install, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced installers. 

Fuzeblocks FZ-1 Power Distribution Block

  • Motorcycles

  • Trikes

  • Spyders

  • Slingshots

  • ATV/UTVs

  • Golf carts

  • Campers/RVs

  • Boats

  • Electric bikes

Install on:

Power all kinds of  accessories

  • Auxiliary lighting

  • GPS

  • Radar detector

  • CB/FRS/GMRS radio

  • Heated grips and gear

  • XM radio

  • Audio mixers

  • Intercom system

No crimping!  All connections are made by heavy duty screw terminals.

Just three simple connections

for power and control: 

  1. +12VDC

  2.  ground

  3. +12VDC switched source

Easy Installation!

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