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Fuzeblock FZ-1

SKU FZ-1 Fuzeblock


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The Fuzeblocks FZ-1 is a feature-packed distribution block that combines an integrated relay and the ability to switch from constant power to switched power on any of its 6 circuits simply by moving a fuse to the left or the right. No more stacks of wiring connectors on your battery terminals! The FZ-1 saves space by combining switched and constant power from a single device. It eases installation while promoting neat, tidy wiring. With the FZ-1 all your accessory fuses are in one place and supplying power to a new device later is as simple as connecting to an empty FZ-1 output circuit. Uncomplicated reliability with no computer, app, or firmware updates needed!  



  •    Dimensions

   L 3.314" (84.2mm)

   W 2.467" (62.7)

   H with cover 1.25" (31.8)

   H without cover 1.286” (32.7mm)

   H with cover and optional mounting plate 1.450" (36.83mm)

  • Two onboard diodes to prevent transient voltages (Good news for Canbus bikes)
  • Each circuit can handle up to 10A
  • The total amperage for the entire FZ-1 should not exceed 30A
  • Wiring gauges up to 12AWG

What's included

  • FZ-1 Fuzeblock
  • Optional ABS mounting plate
  • 4 mounting screws
  • 4 lock nuts
  • 6 Mini (ATM) fuses: one 2A, two 3A, one 5A, and two 10A
  • Instructions


  • Built-In 30A Relay
  • Thick Circuit Board
  • Compact Size
  • No Crimping
  • Ground Bus
  • 6 Fused Circuits
  • Constant or Switched Power Selection
  • Power Protection
  • Spare Fuse Holders
  • Mini (ATM) Fuses that can be found at most auto stores
  • Weather Resistant
  • Markable Label
  • 95-5VA ABS Cover
  • Multiple Mounting Options

FZ-1 Purchase Options


What our customers say

5/5 rating

Motorcycle Enthusiast

A must have on any motorcycle that are running any kind of aux devices. Great design and proven to be tough as I installed it on an off road adventure bike so I could run USB charger, GPS and blue tooth receiver. Having a choice between always on and switched is genius. The unit makes for clean wiring and less future problems. Great product.

Reviewed by: Ryan Hanson from Van TX USA on 7/6/2021

5/5 rating


THis is a great product that will save you time and frustration when adding accessories to your motorcycle. I had one on my Vulcan 900 and now I have one on my Road Glide. Never any need to tap into primary or critical systems for power. Just use the FuzeBlocks!

Reviewed by: Shawn Downs from Charlotte, NC on 12/1/2021

5/5 rating

Great option

This item is something all bikes should have if you add any accessory items for example: GPS, heated grips, phone charger, lighting or heated clothing. Having the ability to make the circuit hot all the time or switched with ignition helps keep things working as required. When something stops working it is easy to locate the most likely issue because all accessories are wired into one location with all fuses. Having the ability to temporarily make a circuit hot all the time is nice also just by changing the orientation of the fuse.

Reviewed by: Tim from Ontario on 12/28/2021


5/5 rating

Perfect to add accessory circuits to any vehicle

Perfect solution for adding accessories to your vehicle. No more mess of assorted lighter socket adapters. And the ease of selecting switched or unswitched outputs just by moving the fuse shows great thought in the design. This may have been designed for motorcycles, but it was the perfect solution for what I wanted to do with my 2015 Transit Connect wagon.

Reviewed by: Donald on September 3, 2015

rating 5/5

Very happy with this!

I installed it behind the glovebox in my jeep, which gave me a very convenient place to power various add-ons. With the limited space available, this unit is great!! I'm powering heated seats, hard-wired phone charger, and a CB. Easily chose ignition switched for the seats and charger, and constant power for the CB... Add or change at will. Excellent!

Reviewed by N. Brent on December 16, 2014

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