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The FZ-1 makes installation simple and quick.


The FZ-1 uses screw terminals for all its connections. No crimping!


Installation is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Connect battery power, ground and a switched source to the FZ-1 input terminals.

  2. Connect your device's power and ground wires to the FZ-1 +12V output bus and ground bus terminals respectively.

  3. Insert a fuse in the constant or switched power position for the output connected to your device.​


 FZ-1 Installation Diagram


FZ-1 Installation Guide

  1. Disconnect the negative lead of the battery. Then remove the cover and mount the FZ-1 being sure that the back of the FZ-1, with the exception of the mounting posts, do not come into contact with metal or ground.

  2. Connect a 12 gauge wire from the +12VDC input (J1) to the positive terminal of the battery. Make sure to install an in-line fuse somewhere along the wire as close to the battery terminal as possible.

  3. Connect a 12 to 18 gauge wire (18 gauge is usually more than sufficient) from the +VT input (J1) to a switched power source on the vehicle. A switched power source is a wire that is +12 VDC when the vehicle is on and 0 VDC when the vehicle is off. Refer to your service manual, local mechanic and/or internet forum to find a suitable switched source for your particular vehicle and for the best procedure on tapping the wire. The switched source is used to energize the FZ-1's relay coil (about 1A) which will cause the relay contacts to close and supply +12VDC from the battery to the switched +12V output bus.

  4. Connect a 12 gauge wire between the GND input (J1) and the negative terminal of the battery.

  5. Insert the proper amperage fuse, for your device, into either the switched or constant fuse position on one of the 6 output circuits. Then connect the positive wire for your device to that circuit's output terminal (J2/J3).

  6. Connect the ground wire for your device to the ground bus (J4/J5).

Packing List:

  • 1x 12GA 6FT Black wire with ring terminal

  • 1x 12GA 6FT Red wire with ring terminal and 30A inline fuse holder

  • 1x 18GA 6FT Yellow wire with 3A inline fuse holder

  • 1x 6FT wire harness braiding

  • 1x Posi-Tap ( )

  • 6x Zip Ties

FZW-1 Wiring Harness Installation Instructions

Connect the FZW-1 wiring harness using the below diagram. Be sure to use the braiding including for the wiring harness as much as possible to protect the wiring from rubbing against any sharp surfaces that may possibly cause a short or wear and tear on the wiring.

J1 Connections on FZ-1 Fuzeblock

+12V: Red wire to positive terminal of battery

+VT: Yellow wire to Posi-Tap to +12V switched wire

GND: Black wire to negative terminal of battery

​FZW-1 Wiring Harness Installation Diagram
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